Inactive bloggler!

So it would appear that I am in fact a rather inactive blogger! Forgive me… I have reasons. There’s the fact I have been super busy fixing many bikes for people with £50 fix your bike vouchers and many others. I also squeezed in a bit of circus performing over Christmas too until it ended in tiers and was sent home early.

dawes galaxy, touring cycle repairs
Customers 30 year old Dawes galaxy given a new lease of life with the use of a £50 government voucher towards the repair costs.

2021 has got off to a great start with the first 3 weeks being as busy as I can cope with. Little more chilled out now so hope to get my new gravel bike build finished asap and get riding.
I now have some availability, so it’s a good time to get in touch and get your bike serviced before the spring rush. If lockdown does go into spring again, us bike repair services and bike shops are going to be very booked up.
Happy pedalling,
Mark @ Cranky Bikes

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