Bicycle repairs prices

 gravel bicycle repairs, malvern

Bicycle repairs available include…

Service 1: Basic general safety check, including assessment of wear on bearings (adjust if needed), chain, cassette, chainrings, brake pads etc.
Gears and brakes adjusted.
Disc pads removed. Calipers, pads & rotors cleaned. Calipers recentered.
Bike washed including drivetrain clean and relubrication of all moving parts.
Tyres and wheels condition assessed, minor wheel truing, tyres pumped to correct pressure.
Every nut, bolt and screw checked and tightened.
Cost of parts required are in addition to service fee.

Sevice 2: Same as service 1, plus…
Full strip down, clean, grease and rebuild.
Regrease/replace caged/loose bearings in headset, bottom bracket, hubs.
New inner cables.
Gear hanger aligned.
Brakes bled.
Wheels trued.
Cost of parts required are in addition to service fee.

Individuals bicycle repairs…

Bike clean, includes cleaning of drivetrain & relubrication of chain and mechs £20


Replace chain £7
Replace Cassette £10
Adjust gears £5
Replace inner cable, includes cable – £10 (£15 Pair)
Replace outer cable, includes cable – £10 (£15 Pair)
Replace crank £5
Replace chainset £15
Replace chain rings £10
Replace gear shifter £10
Adjust chain length £5
Fit new derailleur (front or rear), includes adjustment £15
Straighten dérailleur hanger £10
Fit new freehub body £15
Adjust bottom bracket £5
Replace bottom bracket/remove, regrease & replace, (any type) £20
Pedals bearing service (bearings adjusted & regreased) £20

Wheels Tyres & Tubes:

Fit new front wheel (includes fitting of tyre) £10
Fit new rear wheel (includes fitting of tyre) £10
Adjust hubs/cones (per wheel) £5
Service hub (includes new loose bearings), front £15, rear £20
Fit new tyre £5
Fit new inner tube (includes tube) £15
Replace front axle £15
Replace rear axle £20
True wheel From £10
Spoke replacement from £15
replace/fit rim tape (includes tape) £5
Tubeless tyre replacement £10 each
Tubeless tyres set up £45 pair


Headset service 1, strip & regrease, replace bearings (includes bearings) £15
Headset service 2, remove and replace sealed/cartridge bearings (includes standard bearings) £30
Replace full headset assembly (cups & bearings) £25
Fit new handlebars £15
Fit new stem (Threadless/Aheadset) £10
Fit quill stem £10
Replace handlebar tape £15
Replace handlebar grips £5
Fit new forks £25

Brakes – Prices per brake:

Replace inner cable, includes cable £10 (£15 Pair)
Replace outer cable, includes cable £10 (£15 Pair)
Mechanical brake adjustment £5
Replace Brake pads (includes some types of pads) £12
Disc brake bleed, clean & align £20
Replace disc rotor £5
Replace cable lever £5
Replace cable caliper £10
Replace hydraulic caliper & lever assembly £15

Random bits:

Fit new seat £5
Replace seatpost £7
Replace pair of pedals £5
Fit full mudguards/fenders £15
Fit pannier rack £10
Fit lights £5
Fit frame bracket (lock, pump etc) £5
Internet bike purchase build £40

Other accessory fittings POA

Parts not included unless stated. Minimum service fee £20.

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